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Eagle Eye
Stick DVR
Clock DVR
Outdoor Stealth
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Flashlight DVR
Thumb DVR
Time Lapse
Sunglasses PVR
Audio Bug
 SPY Cameras - all-in-one discreet video recorders

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Eagle Eye
High definition body kit video recorder
*720x576 high definition *Up to 16GB memory *2 hour battery time *Replaceable mobile phone batteries *Pinhole, Screw and buttons lens included *Motion activation *Audio and Video *LCD display for instant playback *Small, compact lightweight

MP3 player PVR

Mini IPod style PVR video camera recorder
*640x480 DVD resolution *Hidden pinhole camera *Includes 4GB memory expandable to 8GB *Video and Audio *2 hour battery time *Small, compact lightweight

Stick DVR

Mini stick PVR, also know as chewing gum DVR
*640x480 DVD resolution *Hidden pinhole camera *Includes 4GB memory expandable up to 8GB *Video and Audio *2 hour battery time *Small, compact lightweight
Video recorder hidden inside a pen
*1024x720 HD resolution *Hidden pinhole camera *Includes 4GB memory built in *Video and Audio *2 hour battery time *Small, compact lightweight

Clock DVR

DVR recorder hidden inside a small desk clock
*640x480 DVD resolution *Hidden pinhole camera *Includes 4GB memory expandable to 32GB! *Video and Audio *12 hour battery time! *Small, compact lightweight

Outdoor PVR

Weatherproof outdoor steath trail camera
*Motion activated passive IR *10 mega pixel photos *320x240 videos from 15 second to 2 minutes *Video and photo -  not audio *7+ day standby battery time *Night vision LEDs emit invisible light up to 50 feet *2.5" LCD screen *Durable outdoor weather resistant design *Takes up to 2GB memory cards
PIR recorder

Pinhole camera hidden inside a PIR detector
*320x240 AVI,or JPEG pictures 640x480 (non Audio) *Includes 8GB memory *Motion and PIR dual activation *Hidden pinhole camera inside a PIR *3 hour battery or mains adaptor for constant power

Flashlight DVR
Flashlight that also records video footage
*640x480 DVD resolution video 30FPS *1600x1200 photo *Hidden camera inside a small powerfull LED torch *Includes 4GB memory *Video or photo *2 hour video battery time *Small, compact lightweight

Mini thumb PVR

Mini recorder with voice activation
*640x480 DVD resolution* VOX voice/noise activated recording *Pinhole camera *Includes 4GB memory expandable to 8GB *Video and Audio *250 hour standby time *Small, compact lightweight
Time Lapse PVR

A time lapse pinhole camera
*1280x1024 high resolution photos, every second to every 3 minutes then play back as a video *Up to 8GB memory *4+ hour battery time *Pinhole lens

Sunglasses PVR
Sunglasses hidden video recorder
*640x480 DVD resolution *Hidden pinhole camera *Includes 2GB memory *Video and Audio *2 hour battery time

Audio Bug

Listen into conversations from anywhere in the world
*GSM Audio listening device *Works from a PAYG sim card *Anonymous

At G.L.I we offer the latest PVRs (Personal Video Recorders), these are complete self contained video recording units, known as Spy Cameras, Mystery Shoppers, Hidden Cameras, Nanny cameras -  in the interest of discretion we refer to them only as PVR, DVR and covert CCTV cameras on all correspondence, billing and shopping basket. We are an established UK based company, all products are perfectly legal to own in the UK (EU and abroad)* and have many important applications; guarding your possessions, loved ones, industrial secrets, extreme sports, recreation, mystery shopper, guarding against vandalism, violence and more. All orders are processed online through the third party processor Paypal® or by phone with RBS WorldPay®, payment can also be made by post. We do not store your payment details, we do not spam or have a mailing list

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*Legal notice and disclaimer - Please do not use for illegal activities and when using in a public place there must be a sign clearly visible stating that "Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Is Operating In The Area" or words to that effect. In your own home you must also understand the laws governing the use of CCTV and/or surveillance of your country, if you have reasonable doubt to question the application then seek legal advice first. AYG Limited, partner websites, other trade names, its owners and employees will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for the misuse of its products which includes inappropriate use it is the consumers legal duty to abide by the laws and regulations governing their country.

Declaration of conformity for our wireless class 1 equipment (all of our wireless cameras available to the UK as stated on the website/catalogues): Hereby, AYG Limited declares that this wireless class 1 radio equipment is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of the Directive 1999/5/EC. The declaration of conformity can be consulted at the "contact us address" or requested by e-mail.

RoHS - All imports since 2006 are RoHS compliant.

WEEE - We are WEEE compliant (Environment Agency Producer Registration Number: WEE/CJ2698TX),

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